Vol. 13, No. 3

Volume 13, Number 3

A continuous oven for baking-out TV picture tubes before exhausting, sealing-off, and getter-firing, at the Fabbrica Italiana Valvole Radio-Elettriche (FIVRE), ca 1957. Photo: Giuseppe Vulpetti.

In this issue
  • Ken-Rad
  • Base Codes for Ken-Rad Metal Tubes
  • About the HB 14 “Resotank” 20GHz Oscillator
  • Revisiting the 6X6 Eye Tube
  • The “Four-in-One” Valve
  • RCA Patent Suits Settled
  • F. I. V. R. E. – Fabbrica Italiana Valvole Radio Elettriche
  • More on F. I. V. R. E.
  • Camp Evans – The Untold Story
  • Gassy Tubes
  • The TS-712/TCC-11: A Benign Boondoggle?

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