Vol. 10, No. 5

Volume10, Number 5

Lee De Forest jollies-up with Roy Weagant, namesake of a family of external-controlled tubes of ca. 1919. The picture was taken in the officees of Sheffield and Betts, patent attorneys in New York. The origianal caption was “When Grid and Gridless Meet. Phot: Jerry Vanicek.

In this issue
  • Review: Radio Rescue
  • Construction of a Vacuum Tube
  • The Sheldon 6S78
  • Preferred Tube Types – The answer to an Old Problem
  • Weird Tube of the Month – The 8428
  • More on “Export” Tubes
  • The Triad T0-10S
  • Tube-Base Materials and Construction
  • “Replace All Tubes”
  • RCA Standards for Pinouts

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