Vol. 13, No. 6

Volume 13, Number 6

“Dan’s Used Curve-Tracer Lot” -Daniel Schoo, perhaps better known for herioc radio restorations in the pages of Antique Radio Classified, now appears in our pages with a feature on adapting tracers intended for solid-state devices to use with tubes. Photo: Daniel Schoo.

In this issue
  • Testing Vacuum Tubes with a Tektroix Model 576 Semiconductor Curve Tracer
  • Tung-Sol
  • Tung-Sol Shoots Itself in the Foot
  • Tube Testers May Oscillate
  • Tube Manufacturing at Tung-Sol in the 1950
  • Early Getters in the Tube Industry
  • Life-Boost Cathode Now Standard Equipment

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