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  • Robert Von Lieben and the LRS Relay
    Contrary to popular belief, Robert Von Lieben, was the first to design and patent a triode amplifier valve. His triode amplifier patent, numbered 179,807, was published on Nov., 18th, 1906 in Germany. By contrast, DeForest had a working audion triode in his lab on Dec., 30th, 1906. He filed for a patent on Jan., 29th,…
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  • An Audion by British Thomson-Houston?
    This author has scanned all the magazines that appear on this website and many had very interesting articles like this one that Fin Stewart submitted in Vol. 14, No 2, April, 2012. Fin Stewart quote: “I picked up a mint copy of the book: BTH, Reminiscences – Sixty Years of Progress published in 1946, and…
  • Diodes From the Twenties
    John Fleming, working for the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. in London and was the first to experiment with the Edison Effect light bulb. Some of the 2nd generation Fleming valves were tubular and were mounted in what became known as the “Gallows Type”. Third and fourth generation Fleming valves took on the shape of English…
  • DeForest Audion Box with French Markings
    DeForest Audion with a normal looking Box