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Offerings from Fin Stewart

Please review this offering of books from noted Australian collector and author- Fin Stewart. Contact Fin using his email address for the particulars of how to purchase here: As can be seen in each description for each book, there are a limited number available for each book and it is not known if more copies will ever be offered again?

The owners of this website will not benefit from any sales of these books and this offering is only being done as a courtesy to Fin Stewart.

History of the Electric Lamp

by Finn Stewart

The book is 22 chapters and 604 pages, covering from pre Edison to the present day. It has hundreds of photos, advertisements and some patents. Histories of companies, major developments and patent litigation. There are several appendices and a bibliography of books used as references. Cost is US $130 including air mail postage. Each book sold will be signed.

The Valve Box

by Finn Stewart

Copies of 16 articles – January 1995 till April 1999 – on tubes (somewhat similar format to Tyne’s saga of the Vacuum Tube. 98 pages 9 available at US $35 including postage.

History of GEC and the Marconi Osram Valve

by Finn Stewart

Half detailing the GEC history and half detailing tube development of the Marconi Osram Valve. Many photos, tube lists and advertisements. 132 pages. 8 available at US $40 each including postage.

Illustrated History of Philips Valves to 1935

by Finn Stewart

General Philips company history, Philips tube lists many photos. 61 pages. 10 available at US $25 each, including postage.

Condor Valves – The Goosens Pope Company (Subsidiary of Philips)

by Finn Stewart

History of company including take over by Philips in 1923. Lists, photos,
and adverts of tubes. Includes details of other brands of Philips tubes made by Philips 1923 – 1925 etc. Sales in US cut short by RCA – patent infringement. 61 pages. 10 available at US $20 each including postage

The American Crystal Set

by Finn Stewart

A small booklet covering about 200 crystal sets with company names and model numbers, taken from Harold Greenwoods book (1963) and various advertisements of the times. Booklet mentioned on page 5 and appendix 10 (a full reproduction) of the book “The Complete Crystal set Handbook” by Neil J Boucher, (First Edition, December 2016. 10 available at US $15 each, including postage.

How to purchase the books

Contact Finn directly via email to purchase the limited number of these featured books.


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