Vol. 21, No. 2

Volume 21 - No. 2

On the Cover

In this issue
  • Music Power Output vs. Maximum Power Output – The Old-Time Audio Rumble. RCA Victor “Plain Talk and Technical Tips” July/August 1961.
  • How Tube Counterfeiters Cost You Your Business Sylvania News, Sept. 1955.
  • Templates for the Electronics Field Electronics, August, 1955.
  • Sylvania 6SN7GTA-Improved Duo-Triode Common tube used in TV receivers is improved to limit damage caused by vibration.
  • Cathode-Ray Tubes, 1932 Electronics, June 1932.
  • Philco Tubes – Reliable, Dependable “Plus” Items Philco Accessory Merchandiser, June, 1953.
  • The Klystron Varian brothers and the development of the klystron.
  • Design of Six-Volt Battery-Operated Receivers RCA Application Note No. 46, June 28, 1935.
  • Sylvania Graphite Anode Tubes Popular with Broadcasters Sylvania Add from Press Relations Bureau.
  • Making Tube Testing Pay $$$ The Philco Serviceman, July, 1955.
  • Transconductance Analyzer and Circuit Simulator New London Instrument Company advertisment from 1955.
  • The Philosophy of JETEC Tube Type Designations Considerations and philosophy behnd JETEC Type Designations are explained.
  • Reducing the “X” of X-Rays Description of x-ray operation.

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