Vol. 21, No. 1

Volume 21 - No. 1

On the Cover

In this issue
  • New Television Protection Features RCA Victor Radio-Phono-TV Tips, April1, 1950.
  • The Radio Repairman Consumers Union Reports, Technical Section, 1941.
  • Electrolysis in 1B3GTs Philco Serviceman, Dec, 1953.
  • Stanley Electronics Joins the Tube Crushing Program Gimmick to get people to trade in old or bad tubes for money off a new one.
  • Wierd Tube of the Month: National Union Anodyne Beam-defliction tube with secondary emission operation added.
  • New Family of G-E Full-Wave Rectifier Types Now Available GE Techni-Talk, June-July 1960.
  • “Whippany” RCA Victor “Plain Talk and Technical Tips,” May, 1959.
  • FM Barrage Jamming-An Idea Before Its Time Using FM signals to jam a wide band of frequencies.
  • Application Note-Triode Operation of 42 and 2A5 Optimum performance when suggested voltages are used.
  • Triad Metal Shielded Radio Tubes Triad’s line of metal-glass tubes in 1935.
  • Notes on the Use of the Ultraudion Adjustment of the audion detector to produce hetodynes at very low frequencies.
  • Locating Gassy Tubes5 Philco Serviceman, Nov. and Dec.1959, Jan. 1960.
  • A Simple Catechism on Tube Checkers Facts that the tube dealer should know about tube testing.

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