Vol. 20, No. 6

Volume 20 - No. 6

On the Cover

In this issue
  • Tube Manufacturing Companies in France A review of the different tube manufacturers in France.
  • RMA/EIA Registrations by French Makers A list of tube registered in the RMA/EIA system.
  • Wierd Tube of the Month: WECo 272A A WE tube with little documentation circa 1931.
  • Application Note-RCA 7199 AN-183 describing this triode-pentode for audio applications.
  • Perfected Tubes A 1928 Raytheon memo.
  • A Bit of Raytheon History Early history of the Raytheon company.
  • R.C.A. Tube Licensees, 1930 Radio Industries, May, 1930.
  • Raytheon Four-Pillar Tubes A list of known 4 pillar tubes.
  • Uncle Sam Buys Tubes, A Century Ago Lists of early tubes bought by the government from de Forest.
  • Al Jones The background of the late tube collector Al Jones is presented.
  • Humless Tubes DE forest and Marvin tout their reduction of hum in their tubes.
  • A Fix fr WD-11 Tubes Putting the base of a WD-11 on a hearing aid tube.
  • WE Worries About Transistor Testing WE discusses how to keep from distroying transistors during testing.
  • Conservation of Critical Materials-1951 RCA needed to make sure they could continue poduction during the Korean War.
  • Nuvistor Introduction RCAs Plain Talk and Technical Tips, June 1960.

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