Vol. 20, No. 4

Volume 20 - No. 4

On the Cover

In this issue
  • Two WECo “Whatzits” Two unknown WE tubes.
  • Beware of the TV Repair Rackets Sylvania News, Nov.-Dec. 1960.
  • What is a Good Tube Radio Broadcast, March 1929.
  • A Note on Ring Getters Internal RCA traffic regarding getters.
  • Philco and Metal Tubes Philco Serviceman, Sept. 1939.
  • Low-Voltage Receiving Tubes RCA Engineer, Aug.-Sept. 1958.
  • The GE Ceramic Planar-Triode Line A line of very high frequency tubes is developed by GE.
  • New Metal-and-Ceramic “Micro-Miniature” Tubes National TV-Radio News, Dec. 1954 – Jan. 1955.
  • Six 7077 Ceramic Triodes…in Collins ARC-52… General Electric Tube Design News, 1959.
  • Wierd Tube of the Month: RCA’s R-2061 A developmental tube which resulted in the 4C33.
  • AC/DC Stereo Amplifiers Using Output Tubes Having 100-Milliampere Heaters RCA AN-190.
  • TV Rental by Alert The Photofact Servicer, Feb. 14, 1958.

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