Vol. 20, No. 2

Volume 20 - No. 2

On the Cover

In this issue
  • More on Houck and the Super-Ducon Continuation of the article.
  • The DuMont K1376 A triple ended cathode ray tube.
  • “10 Dollar Award” Philco Serviceman, Oct.1953.
  • Tubes and Transmitters by DeForest Radio Age, Feb. 2000.
  • GE Copper-Core Anode Material GE Techni-Talk, 1959.
  • Beryllia Hysteria Discussion on the potential danger of BeO used in tubes.
  • Helium Tubes QST, November, 1924.
  • Those Radio Tube “Seconds” Radio Industries, May. 1930.
  • The WL-461 New (1937) UHF tube that used a tantalum anode.
  • 1B3GT – An Engineering Challenge RCA Engineer, Feb.-March 1960.
  • The 6C21 Scandal A review of the 6C21 failures in SRC-584 RADAR sets.
  • Portland Endorses Hytron Portland, OR police department praises the Hytron HY69.
  • Dark Heaters Plain Talk and Technical Tips, Nov.-Dec. 1961.
  • A Schickerling Promotion Press release on the Schickerling tube line.

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