Vol. 19, No. 4

Volume 19 - No. 4

On the Cover

In this issue
  • Weird Tube of the Month: The Solenoid Tube The last product of Otis Moorhead.
  • KR Introduces the KT88 KR Audio Electronics from Prague announces the KR KT-88.
  • A Bit of Raytheon History Some history of Raytheon and their cold-cathode rectifiers.
  • The CeCo “Citation” Tube CeCo tries to improve their profits by producing a “Super-Quality” tube.
  • Production Figures for Signal Corps Gear, 1940-45 Production numbers and nomenclature for Signal Corps electronics equipment.
  • Speed “Triple-Twin” Cable Radio Tube Corp. produces a tube with “triple the output of the 245”.
  • Radio Products Co. Radio Age, July 1990.
  • The CIA Reports on Soviet Tubes, 1954 Declassified report from 1954 made available in 2011.

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