Vol. 14, No. 5

Volume 14, Number 5

Joe Knight showing Jim McConville his official replica of the Lieban-Reiss-Strauss (LRS) Relay, made by Siemans & Haiske, at the TCA meeting in October, The carton is emblazoned with warnings like “Achtung! Vorsichtig Behandeln. Attention! Manier avec soin”

In this issue
  • TCA Board Meeting, Oct. 5
  • TCA Member Meeting, Oct. 6
  • The Rauland Corporation
  • More on Rauland
  • Naming the Transistor
  • Eimac Research Applies New Materials
  • Weird Tube of the Month: The Raytheon RK-100
  • Line-Cord Misery
  • Cleaning Nixie Leads
  • Sylvania Tubes Used in Moon Radar
  • Metallizing

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