Vol. 19, No. 1

volume 19 - No. 1

On the Cover

In this issue
  • Wierd Tube of the Month: Bendix Red Bank Series External-Anode Receiving Tubes A special series of tubes for demanding applications.
  • Some Additional Information on Tubes Related to the RCA Type 1 Other half wave rectifiers similar to the RCA 1.
  • A Memorial to Jerry Vanicek A review of the contributions of the late TCA member Jerry Vanicek.
  • Barex and Kemet – Two Historical Trademarks in Getters for Electron Tubes Background of the two early companies that produced gas absorbing compounds.
  • Early WECo Transistors – A Bell Labs Summary A 1955/1956 list of WE developmental and production transistors.
  • Western Electric – “Silicon Valley in the Lehigh Valley” Delaware Valley Historical Radio Club Oscillator, Dec. 1994.
  • A Competitive Analysis – Eimac, 1947 Post-War tubes developed by Eimac for sale after 1946.
  • The Epom Rectifier and Filter A “B” substitute as described in QST, January 1926.
  • The 1619 Scandal Steps taken by RCA to determine the cause of reported failures for the type 1619 in military equipment in WWII.
  • Procedures To Be Followed When Jamming is Encountered Naval Training School booklet outlining proceedures.
  • Survival of Tubes in Storage The military tries to determine which expensive tubes used in their equipment were prone to failure after being stored for some time.
  • Transmitting Radiotron UX-860 The complete specifications for the 860 tetrode.
  • The Stolen 222 A tube is marked to discourage theft from the factory.

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