Vol. 17, No. 6

Volume 17, Number 6

A family of Philips Innoval tubes – left to right, 6BH5, 6M5, 12AN7, 6N8, and 6AN7. Photo: Daniel Stocks.

In this issue
  • Innoval – “The Most Advanced Tube in the World”
  • From Reasearch Lab to the Field – GE’s Vacuum-Tube Contributions During World War I, 1915-1918
  • RD-Instruments Model 1700 – Hickoks Ultimate American Tube Analyzer
  • Fetrons and Hybrid Integrated Networks – “Silacon Valley Meets Merrimack Valley”
  • Radiotron UV 211 Instructions
  • Weird Circuit of the Month: CBS Simplified Phons Amp

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