Vol. 11, No. 5

Volume 11, Number 5

Hisashi Ohtsuka (right), enjoying his 2009 Schrader Award plaque with Dr Yukawa, museum director of the University of Electro_Communicationon Tokyo. Photos: Hisashi Ohtsuka

In this issue
  • Review: Radio Valve Dayta, 1926-1946.
  • Review: A Radioo Patent Chronology
  • “Announcing: Vintage TEK.org
  • TCA Board Meeting, 2009
  • TCA member meeting, 2009
  • The Demise of the AWA
  • Reader Report – The Fence Charger
  • Sperry Klystrons – Sales Report
  • Comtemporary Tube Manufacture: KR Audio Electrronics
  • Sylvania “House-Numbered” CRTs, part 1
  • “Perfect Radio Tubes”
  • Weird Tube of the Month: The Wamoscope
  • Rebuilding Picture Tubes
  • Tube Troubles in TV Receivers
  • A Four-Electrode Tube and Circuit

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