Vol. 17, No. 3

Volume 17, Number 3

“First siliicon in Silicon Valley”. A PNPN diode, 1958 production from the ill-fated Schockley Transistor Coroporation, working merrily in a simple relazation oscilator. The diode is the tubular gold-colored device in the clips at lower left. The pulse rate shown is 800Hz, but the falltime is so crisp as to put a vigorous whine into an AM radio receiver a couple of feet away.

In this issue
  • William Shockley, the PNPN Diode, and the Schockley Transistor Corporation
  • Review; Historische Elektronen-Rohren Telephonie und Radio
  • Interrogation of Prof. Scherzer of the BHF
  • GE “Train Control” Tubes
  • Electronic Equipment in Train Control
  • Repair Hint; Dissolving Base Cement
  • Jennings Radio Manufacturing Co.
  • Weird Tube of the Month: The “B” Tube
  • The Murphy Electricity Rectifier

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