Vol. 12, No. 5

Volume 12, Number 5

Hisashi Ohtsuka inspecting an LRS Realy at the Technical Museum in Stockholm. The tube, and a Telefunken amplifier that uses it, are being loaned to the museum of the University of Electro-Communication in Tokyo. This greatly enhances the excellent tube collection that Ohtsuka donated, and that he continued to support. (See TCA, April 2005, p. 1, and Ost. 2009, rear cover).

In this issue
  • TCA Board Metting, Sept. 24
  • TCA Member Meeting, Sept. 25
  • Bell Labs Transistors: The Date-Code Mystery
  • Origins and Uses of the Eimac 4W 20000A
  • The Eimac 4W 20000A
  • Sylvania Tetrode Transistor
  • The Audion of the “Instituto De Fisica De La Planta”
  • RCA Field Sales Report – 6C4 and 6F4
  • The Tube-Base Asbestos Racket
  • Practical Uses of the Radio Tube
  • Wartime Servicing in New Zealand
  • Arcturus Retains Du Mont

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