Vol. 16, No. 3

Volume 16, Number 3

Well known colllecytor Udo Radtke with a Brown Boveri BTW150-2 power triode. The little package carries a dissapation rating of 220kW. Technical data and more photos are available at http://www.tubecollection.de/types/BTW150-2.htm. Note the spiral oxidation pattern on the anode, presumably the result of a cooler designed to give a helical flow of the cooling water.

In this issue
  • Origin of the British Screened Grid Valve: The Marconi-Osram S.625
  • Harry Houck anf the Electrad Diode
  • The IBM Counter Tube
  • Celebrating the Johnsonburg Radio Co. JRC Prototype KGG and Gloq-Tube Regulator
  • Photos from Johnsonberg
  • Radio Tube Works Almost Ready for Start
  • J’burg and the 2B6
  • A very Special and Unusual 5U4-G

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