Vol. 11, No. 1

Volume 11, Number 1

Illustration from an RCA dealer-promotio brochure of ca. 1926, “rolling out” a new symbol for RCA tubes, the “Radioman.” He was expected to join the, er, pantheon of logotypes for U.S. consumer goods: the “ArgoStarch” Indian-maiden figure, the “Dutch Boy Paints” youth, the “Gold Dust Twins”, the “Cambell,s Soup: cook, etc. The goofy Radiotron Man appeared in three-foot high cardboard cutouts for display in radio showrooms. However, unlike his cohorts, he was apparently a one-season wonder.

In this issue
  • More on the Tune-a-Lite
  • Electronic Tubes in Wire Telegraphy
  • A Sterophonic Sound Transmission System
  • Weird Tube(s) of the Month: The Hi-PO 567; the Brach Vacuum Arrester
  • The New Philips Rectangular Picture Tubes (A 1954 View)
  • Four Related California Tube makers
  • National Radio Tube Co. Catalog

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