Vol. 21, No. 5

Volume 21 - No. 5

On the Cover

In this issue
  • More Back-Alley Brands
  • The Secret Tubes for Radar Jamming Crossed-Field Noise-Generator Tubes
  • Receiver Design RCA Application Note 75, 1937
  • Operating GE Hi-Fi Tubes as Modulators
  • Weird Tube of the Month: The Wheelco W
  • Moon-Radar Jive
  • Westinghouse View: To the Moon by Radar
  • Sylvania Tubes Used in the Moon Radar Radar Echoes from the Moon
  • The Dowd Archive
  • VAC-M Protectors in Cuyama Valley
  • Western Electric and Radioactivity
  • Stems n’ Seeds in Tubes
  • EG&G Krytrons and Sprytrons
  • Change Those Tubes!
  • Eimac Considers Making 30BP4s
  • Some Date Codes from Tung-Sol
  • Oddities from Eimac

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