Vol. 21, No. 4

Volume 21 - No. 4

On the Cover

In this issue
  • Numbering of Pins The evolution of the pin numbering scheme.
  • Two New P-N-P Junction Transistors Electronic Design, January 1953.
  • RCA Transistors: Types 2N32, 2N33, 2N34, and 2N35 RCA enters the transistor field.
  • Hum in Heater-Type Tubes Application Note No. 88.
  • Radio Panel Lamps – Dial Bulbs A review of the bulb types and makers.
  • Self-Service Tube Tester Radio-Television Service Dealer, May, 1955.
  • Mini-Magnetrons Features of the GE 6AE4.
  • GE Wartime Recycling Notice Recycling 250 watt and above transmitting tubes as well as all metal tubes.
  • RCA and Raytheon on the 2A3 / Raytheon Introduces Its 2A3 Preliminary technicial information.
  • Solar Fires MRI Power Tube The Solar Atmospheres assists Triton to heat process anode assemblies.
  • The Margo Diode A Fleming type diode is built when the patent expired on the original.
  • Electron Tube Painting Radio Age, Oct. 1947.
  • TV Brighteners Gagets made to increase filament voltage or other processes to extend the life of TV picture tubes.
  • What Is a Cavity Magnetron Anyway? Missed opportunities at RCA.
  • Threat-Emitter Magnetrons Magnetrons designed to be used in RADAR simulators to test countermeasures.
  • Tube Topics From Buships Electron, Navy 1948.
  • Self-Shielded Vacuum Tube Radio Industries, December 1930.
  • Arcturus “Coronet” Promotion Arcturus claiming better metal tubes than the ones produced by RCA.

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