Vol. 21, No. 3

Volume 21 - No. 3

On the Cover

In this issue
  • The Soviet 1500-Series Tubes-Updated. Updated listing of 1500 series “Special Purpose” tubes.
  • The CeCO “H” C. E. Company plugs it’s “hotter” version of the 201A.
  • “Filteramic” Antenna Plain Talk and Technicial Tips, August 1960.
  • The Early Years of the Klystron History of the Varian Brothers, Stanford and Sperry.
  • Westinghouse “DIY” Tester Westinghouse enters the self-test market.
  • Philco Rectifier Conversion Early TV modification to replace 3 small rectifiers with 2 larger ones.
  • Edison Mazda Lamps Edison advertisement promoting light bulbs circa 1927.
  • New 100-Milliampere Tubes RCA Application Notes, AN-189.
  • Special Alloy [for Filaments] Special filament wire without nickle used to reduce breakage.
  • The Evolution of a Vacuum Tube From Radio, Jan. 1937, another joke story.
  • Plastic Tube Spots Corona Philco Serviceman, Jan. 1956.
  • RCA Amp Demonstrator, 1935 Unique training aid board backed by actual circuits for demonstrations.

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