Vol. 20, No. 3

Volume 20 - No. 3

On the Cover

In this issue
  • Electronic Starter Kit, Shockproof A review of early multi-purpose radio kits.
  • Wierd Tube of the Month: The Quadratron The Baker-Smith Company adds an additional plate to act as a control grid.
  • The “Reprocessing” Tube Racket The selling of re-processed tubes to the public.
  • Grumping About Tubes Philco Serviceman, June, 1954.
  • The Sylvania “Rocket” Tube A line of super-high frequency tubes.
  • Design Principals of Planar Triodes Sylvania data on planar triodes.
  • China Appoints Arctarus Radio Press from about 1933 note the contract with Arctarus and China.
  • Thermionic Age in Brazil – Continued 2 Continued overview of receiving tubes in Brazil.
  • 55-Watt Amplifier with 6L6s RCA Application Note No. 68.

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