Vol. 17, No. 5

Volume 17, Number 5

An Eimac 8351/4CV100,000 vapor-cooled tetrode, of the type used in one of the Collins 250-kW transmitters, now removed, at the Voice of America transmitting site outside Delano, California. It is accompanied by its much smaller vcousin, a mere 4-1000.

In this issue
  • A Brief History of Kinescope-Making in Brazil
  • Testing 7550/KT88 Vacuum Tubes from England – Russia – China in a McIntosh MC-60 Amplifier
  • Ben Tongue – Obituary
  • Weird Tube (or Rare) of the Month: The Eimac 4-750A
  • Vapor-Cooled Power Tubes
  • Vacuum-Tube Amplifiers
  • Reference Index – Eimac Tubes in the Amatuer Service
  • Radiactivity in Tubes

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