Vol. 16, No. 4

Volume 16, Number 4

Inside a Western Electric ES-9709B oak-cabinet repeater “gain Element” of the type used at Brushton outside Pittsburgh on the 1914 transcontinental line. (For a front view, see inside this issue, or p. 93 of Tyne’s Saga of the Vacuum Tube.) The pair of Everready multicell dry batteries labeled “C Battery” may reflect the first commercial use of the Lowenstein grid-bias patent. One of the tubes is just visible at left center.

In this issue
  • 100th anniversary of TranscontinentalTelephony
  • The Story of a Great Achievement – Telephone Communication from Coast to Coast
  • The Story of a Great Achievement – Which Made Telephone Commication from Coast to Coast Possible
  • A Study of a Tail-Light Triode – Or – Are There Triodes in Your Toyota?
  • Cross Finds Obscure Military Tubes
  • More on Sparton
  • Lurid Night Sky at Harrison

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