Vol. 16, No. 2

Volume 16, Number 2

A family of early-’20s Magnavox triodes, as covered, along with the newly revealed “Kathion” rectifier, in the lead article.

In this issue
  • The History of Early Magnavox Tubes
  • Notes on Magnavox
  • The New Magnavox Tube
  • Farnsworth TV Transmitters to Be Made by Heintz & Kaufman
  • Marconi-Osram Four-Electrode Valves
  • Racon Blows it Out
  • Mome-Made Tubes: The Work of Akeksander Zawada in Poland
  • Review: Make your Own Tube Testers and Electron Tube Equipment
  • Espenschied Writes to Round
  • Electrons, Inc.
  • German Magnatrons – The LMS11

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