Vol. 14, No. 6

Volume 14, Number 6

The Philips TBL6-4000 air-colled triode for industrial RF heaters, rated for continuous dissipation of 1.3 kW. Its “EIA identity is 7753, as registered by Amperex in 1960. From J. Haanjes and H. Carter, Classificatio of Electron Tubes, 2nd edition (New York, Macmillan, 1962), courtesy Bro. Patrick Dowd.

In this issue
  • Slides from “12-Volt Anode Car Radio Tubes”
  • The Barium Azide Process
  • The Mighty 862
  • The Night Before Christmas
  • Using the Heathkit Checker to Idenify and “Salvage” Defective Tubes
  • Time-Saver Test Data for Heathkit Checkers
  • The National in the World War
  • GE 6AF4

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