Vol. 14, No. 4

Volume 14, Number 4

“Cut-away view of a special-quality double triode wth frame-grid construction (E88CC)”, from a Philips promotion for premium “10,000-hour” tubes. The US version is the 6922, a cousin of the 6DJ8 TV-tuner tube now highly respected as an audio type.

In this issue
  • Power-Tube Patents: RCA vs. Taylor and Sylvania
  • A Visit to Bloomfield
  • Homemade Tubes: Nick’s Triode
  • Weird Tube of the Month; The VA-217 Reflex Klystron Amplifier
  • Sheldon Electric Co.
  • Tube Inflation: Triad and the 6AC5G
  • Operating Hazards
  • The Bragatron
  • Sylvania’s “Framelok”

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