Vol. 14, No. 3

Volume 14, Number 3

A classically styled promotion poster for the Italian tube maker Zenith, with Factory located in Monza. Beginning about 1929, it made a line of European and American- designed receiving tubes. The original art is 10″ by 15-1/2″. It has been reproduced as a lithograph on steel and in a book on old-time posters.

In this issue
  • Kicking Out the Phasitron
  • Brands of 201As – The latest Word
  • Penta Labs
  • Note on Dimming of “Magic Eyes”
  • The Lancaster RCA Tube Plant
  • Weird Tube of the Month: The Haledy TT-1
  • Warranty-Indicator Colors on Tubes
  • Tubes – A General Precept
  • More on Silica Valves

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