Vol. 11, No. 3

Volume 11, Number 3

The RCA “Selling Fool” doll, a retailer display aid designed ca. 1926 by the major cover/commercial artist Maxfield Parrish. The “Fool” replaced the “Radiotron Man” figure as seen on the Feb. cover, although Web postings about the doll often use the “Radiotron” name. RCA’s $5 price for a quqetet of dolls is ironic – this is pretty much a $1000 part today.

In this issue
  • Review: Making Silicon Valley
  • Obscure Tube Companies – ICE
  • The Thermionic Age in Brazil – 1920-70
  • A “Watts Per Dollar” Survey
  • An Incomplete Look at Russia/Soviet Tube History
  • Russian Subminiature Tubes
  • Weird Tube(s) of the Month: Two High-Voltage Regulators
  • Boonton: “Selection-Crazy”

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