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Volume15, Number 3

Vol. 15, No. 3

The Philips EC157 microwave triode, registered in 1963 with the Electronic Industries Association (but not cataloged) by Philips’ subsidiary Amperex. While physically similar to the much earlier “lighthouse” tubes (2C43 etc.) from General Electric, this one is substantially redesigned and is rated at much higher frequency (6GHz).   In this issue

Volume15, Number 6

Vol. 15, No. 6

The Philips (Mullard, Amperex) E1T electronic decade counter tube, registered with EIA as the 6370 in 1956. “The applied electrical pulses deflect a ribbon-shaped focused electron beam to one of ten stable positions, producing a light spot on a fluorescent sccreen markedd with figures 0-9.” Drawing: J. Haantjes and H. Carter, Classificationof Electron Tubes (New...