Vol. 8, No. 3

Volume 8, Number 3

Volume 8, Number 3

Front Cover, Rear Cover Upper, & Rear Cover Lower

Various European receiving Tubes. The front row has the Lorenz DF41W at left, and a group of rare RFT (East German) miniature “gnome” types: EAA171, UCH171, UB171, etc.

Rear row: three Loewe multi-unit tubes at left, two Arcotron gridless types types at right. Center row: Telefunken and Radio Micro tubes at left, Telefunken types from WW1, etc. Front row: modern metal-ceramic transmitting types.

In this issue
  • Readers Report
  • The PZ Story
  • The LA9DL Collection
  • Tektronix CRT History
  • AWV’s Tube Demonstrator
  • A Sample of RCA’s “Bullet Tube”
  • Report on Search for Electrical Equipment for Tungston Manufacture
  • Notes on the Problem of Flacking of Emission Coating in Vacuum Tubes
  • A Specialized Tube Tester

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