Vol. 7, No. 5

Volume 7, Number 5

Volume 7, Number 5

On the Cover

Photo: Boyer Estate, courtesy of Robert Lozier.

Drawing: RCA Standardizing Notice 3-1-839, in Dowd-RCA Archive, a holding of the AWA Museum.

  • In this issue
  • Omega S. C. A. and Tubelec S. A.
  • “Between the Halves
  • Uncle Sam’s Tube Manuals
  • More Private-Number Tubes
  • U. S. NavyTube Types, 1928
  • TCA Board/Member Meetings
  • Another RCA Cobtact Report
  • “Tubes the Hard Way” – A Reprise
  • The 6P6
  • Nomenclature for Glass Bulbs
  • Tubemaking New Jersey, 1940

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